Rider Review of Gofkoooo Wings - Gofkoooo Wings

Rider Review of Gofkoooo Wings

The wing is super balanced and super powerful. It has very direct on and off power delivery and make your ride very easy. 

Due to the unique design of the wing it has way more upwind performance than the rest of the wings on the market. 

Due to its shape and mid aspect ratio, we packed all that power with a thought of ease of use  and  less wingtip catching.

The deep pocket between the middle strut and the canopy allow you to boost big air and have a lot of hang time. 

It flags out and luffs  so when you surf the wave all it takes it's just grab it on the leading edge handle and surf the wave. 

It rigid leading edge doesn't allow the wing to flex as all the rest of the wings on the market that's what gives this 4x4 feel.

Simple and clean design only with 3 handles makes everything straight forward back handle for maximum boost and middle is for easy crossing  and more upwind performance .

Windows are well position for little sneak peek on your directions.

Double inflation system makes it easy to inflate and deflate. 

It's a wing that suits everybody from beginners to winners.

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